About Us

We at badaforums.net are here to help start a community for what we believe is going to be a brilliant mobile operating system created by Samsung.  We know the idea behind their operating system is great but we also know it will take a dedicated community of followers to come together and make it great.  So we are here to begin the following!

Dane Harvey: Co-Founder, Forum & Server Manager

DaneI am Dane. I co-founded this site with my long time best friend Kenny a.k.a “Ruffy”. I am a computer engineering student with a passion for web developement and anything software related. For a long time Ruffy and I had been throwing around the idea of starting some kind of website/blog but we just couldn’t seem to come up with any ideas that were unique enough to sparate us from everyone else. Then one day I come home from work and Ruffy mentions this OS that Samsung is developing that could potentially become something very significant. Well it was a long shot but I said “dude lets just start the site and see what happens”. Well sure enough bada has been a big hit and the end-user loyalty has been greater than we could have ever expected. Now all we can do is hope the app store grows as well as the number of phones with this powerful operating system. Thanks for listening to me blab for a minute…I feel better now 😛

Kenneth Linn: Co-Founder, Executive Editor, Social Media

My name is Kenneth (Kenny) Linn and I am a Co-Founder of badaforums.net. I handle all of the research and article writing on the site as well as maintaining all of the Social Media sites that link up with badaforums like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg. I also have a lot to do with the design of the website from how it looks to how things function for our users. I am new to the blogging scene but I have learned quickly as our site has grown. When Dane and I started this site from our apartment awhile back, we never expected it to grow this much but we are happy it did. We love everyone on this site and I cannot think of a better place to be writing for than badaforums.net!