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App of the Week (10/17-10/24): “Battle Frogging” by Starwind Games

It is finally time for the new “App of the Week” and this weeks honors go to “Battle Frogging” by Starwind Games. As of right now, the game is in the process of being approved by Samsung and should be showing up in the app store within a few days. As you can see in the video below, it is a very addicting game and should be a big hit among Wave owners. Here is the full story on the game and the development team!

Game story
Battle Frogging is a cool new game for the Samsung Wave! With funny little characters, nice stylish graphics & addictive game play, this is a game that you will not get tired of playing. The frogs had lived at their swamp for many generations, but one day, the beavers came & built their dam which started drying up the swamp & destroying the frogs’ homeland. The frogs need your help to punish the offenders & deal out justice…

Game Details
Game features funny charismatic characters, nice looking levels and cool music theme by Christos Andreou. It will be 27 levels grouped into 3 campaigns. Levels becoming available one by one. Gameplay is built around physics and simple puzzles. Some levels are simple and require accuracy only, but some will be really hard, player will need to think about right every shot. There are 3 types of frogs: young (small, flying far, but has too small weight to crush serious constructions), kamikadze/bomber (explodes shortly after collision) and fat (causes more damage, but can’t fly too far). Player should use frogs with their advantages and disadvantages in mind.
————- is a hobby project. Everyone involved is a professional PC game developer, but making smaller mobile games is a sort of art and a great way to apply creativity. We love games and we love to explore new ways of making them. We already released few successful games on Bada. Asteroid Hunter, Assault and Assault Extreme was featured by Samsung and reached 1st place in Top 15. Samsung Bada is a great platform and we’ll continue making games for it.


Check out the discussion board topic and talk to the developers by clicking here!

Badaforums Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Finally, Launch price will be tier 2 (around 2$/Euro) in most countries and the game will get first update shortly, which will feature one more campaign and new frog. Lite version will be released aswell, this should happen in 3 weeks.


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