Samsung Set To Release NDrive ’10 GPS Navigation App for Bada!

Guess what Bada users?! Easy and affordable Mobile GPS navigation software is about to hit the Samsung Application Store.

NDRIVE Navigation Systems, a worldwide provider of GPS navigation services, is proud to announce the upcoming availability of its GPS navigation software with on-board maps

for Samsung Bada Smartphones.  NDrive’s mobile navigation software is currently under approval process for availability in the Samsung software application store.  NDrive will debut with Portugal and Spain maps and additional countries and regions will be made available in a matter of days to closely follow Samsung’s worldwide roll out of their application store.

Source: LetsGoMobile

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11 Responses to “Samsung Set To Release NDrive ’10 GPS Navigation App for Bada!”

  1. Rison Simon says:

    Great. Now you can reach your destination easily.

  2. Bada says:

    Cool, I wonder how big is map coverage, 90%?

  3. CAR GPS says:

    Get to know Lot’s of information. It’s a great news thanks for sharing.GPS is now widely applied for car, outdoor, fitness, specialty and cell phone, etc. It receives signals from GPS satellites, and the quality of signal is determined by many factors, like solar radiation, atmosphere conditions and terrain.

  4. EDGAR says:

    The Ndrive Portugal doesn´t work. When install the aplication the device said not authorized.

  5. Sam says:

    its not true is it? I am in UK and still waiting for this to come through, is it going to happen at all?

  6. bib says:

    when does it come out for uk

  7. rrrrrob says:

    crap. does not work at all. stays all day “waiting for a valid gps signal”…waste of time.

  8. iman says:

    unfortunately Samsung bada navigation is not useful in iran because rout66 does not has iran map, but samsung still selling this on iran,
    it obliges people to buy other free and better navigator mobile for the same countries,
    for example ovi service is free on nokia with great map,

    if bada want to gain the market , it must be worthy on gps navigator too,

  9. dudy p utomo says:

    Is gps in samsung S5253 can use without GPRS? is it use a satellite?
    Cos when I’m activated the location search there is no satellite icon appear on my phone screen..
    can any body explain it??
    thanks for all response

  10. wave owner says:

    my rubber case stops my samsung wave from getting a gps signal take your case off and wow signal comes within minutes, and is reliable, put the case back on and booo no signal

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