Samsung offers FREE apps to Wave series smartphone owners!

Samsung has announced that they will be offering free applications to owners of a Wave series smartphone. The apps that are free include FIFA 10, Tetris Refresh, Spore Creatures, Assassin’s Creed II, and other games, directory apps and themes. The timetable to get these apps for free are: the first 250,000 downloads include FIFA10, Tetris Refresh and Spore Creatures and the first 300,000 download for Assassin’s Creed and rest of the remaining apps for limited time. The offer is good on any Bada-powered smartphone such as the Wave, Wave525, Wave533, Wave723 and Wave575.

Source: Bada Developer Blog

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11 Responses to “Samsung offers FREE apps to Wave series smartphone owners!”

  1. Nilesh says:

    not visible in app store. when will we get it?

  2. Mohib Sheth says:

    They are all java games :(

  3. stefano says:

    Those games are available only for 525 and 723! :(

  4. desf says:

    On some other website I’ve read that this offer WON’T be available on the original wave. And as for now it definitely isn’t.

  5. himadri sekhar mahanta says:

    Yeah….i don’t see any of these for free..

  6. brennan buitendag says:

    this is unfair! Why is this offer only avaliable on the newer bada phones and noe the S8500! we also want this offer! This is so stupid

  7. Mozu says:

    Hi, when will be the beginning?

  8. belochka says:

    Tetris Refresh is an UTTER CRAP!
    Don’t bother even to download!

  9. Nilesh says:

    It seems that samsung doesn’t care for the original BADA fans. No announcements or any such for WAVE in recent past at all!! My country, India, a very bit market for samsung is neglected totally…

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