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Power App Race: Current Top 30, March 31 2012

Hi guys and gals we have all heard about the Power App Race held by Samsung to encourage developers to create apps for it’s new platform, bada 2.0. For the winning price of $100,000, Samsung attracted many developers, both experienced and amateurs; now it has been quite some time since the race began so the time has come to show you the current standings. Each of the first 10 apps which achieve 100,000 downloads will receive $100,000 cash prize and other exclusive marketing & promotion benefits. (Top 5 Games AND Top 5 Other). GOOD LUCK!

1. TurboFly HD

2. Asphalt 6 HD

3. Control Tower FREE                                                GAME CATEGORY

4. Bubble Burst!

5. Bubble Burst! FREE

1. Flashlight bada 2.0

2. FunnyVoice

3. Special FX Camera                                                  OTHER CATEGORY

4. Drums HD

5. Television Lite


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  1. bobotherobot

    We must take this top 5 positions with caution as my FunnyVoice couldn’t be on 2th position. I wish :) but it’s a mistake.

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