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Samsung Wave 725 specs leak out, bada 2.0 running!

Its been awhile since Samsung has said anything about bada but if you remember, back in April, 3 bada powered devices leaked out onto the internet and one of them did not have a name. Well thanks to the bada 2.0 SDK by bada world, the name of said device is the Samsung Wave 725 and the specs are pretty nice indeed!

Some of the major specs include a 3.65″ HVGA screen (320×480 pixels), 5-mp shooter, VGA front facing camera for video calling, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and….wait for it….bada 2.0 installed! With 2.0 being installed on the device, it will bring much needed features like multitasking, a better UI, smoother interface, better security, and so much more!

There is also a lot of talk about the Samsung Wave 725 being the first bada-powered device to be released in the United States as well as overseas. According to Samung, bada has been doing very well overseas so hopefully America will embrace it.

Samsung plans to release this phone to the world in December.. September of this year (2011).

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  1. swagat212

    awesome what about the processor???

  2. aliugd

    its cpu speed is about 800 mhz

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