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Tizen Developer Conference Agenda

Tizen has published the schedule of events, including the full list of sessions for the Tizen Conference being held May 7-9 in San Francisco. They have talks planned on a wide variety of topics, including Tizen Architecture, Tizen WebAPIs, HTML5, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Tizen telephony, graphics, and much more. Be sure to register for the conference before they run out of space.

Tizen also wants to thank everyone for all the conference submissions. They received over 140 proposals and were able to accept 47 sessions into the program.

These submissions were reviewed by the program committee and placed into two main categories: Platform and Application. Tizen will have plenty of sessions for people developing applications and people interested in working on the Tizen platform, itself, to build devices running Tizen.

They will also have beginner and advanced tracks, intended to separate the more introductory-level topics from those targeted at a more advanced technical audience. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will find sessions that meet your needs.

Check out the agenda and register for the conference before space is filled!

Visit the conference page for more details on the event.


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