Latest bada 2 firmware Online-S8500/S8530-XPKJ1

Samfirmware introduced new bada 2 firmware yesterday. Well, i missed yesterday to blog about it. Lets see, whats new in this firmware.  I have not yet flashed with this firmware, but our Forum Users have reported some significant changes in this firmware.

They said that Dolfin is much faster and responsive than before and there is a battery percentage icon on the top. Lock screen is very fast and task manager is redesigned. Have a look at completer changelog of s8500  below :

– New wallpaper (same as on the Galaxy Tabs)
– Smoother transition effects
– Smooth multitouch in the browser and the gallery
– Battery percentage
– Chat ON is now in its final version as on Samsung Apps
– Music hub now can identify the country you are in (Blocks the countries that the service is not available in it )
– This FW is compiled on 5th October
– Fota added!
– Dolfin is too much faster now
– Youtube login bug is gone
– Camera App is now more than perfect (Rotation is fixed)
– Some bada 1.2 APIs are fixed (like in tweet caster login page & unseen 3 dots menus)
– Caster App is now working perfectly (you can download IE extension by sending its URL to your e-mail)
– Loading cursor smaller!
– On appstore themes you can acces directly Theme-settings
– Taskmanager design changed! You see the active apps!
– FB Push works!
– The “pull-up” list on some apps was “invisible”, now you can see everything good like in bada 1.2
– Screen lock is very fast now. Locks very fast..
– Other sounds

Known Bugs:
– Voice cmd app has some issues in recognizing words correctly (workaround : use the mic icon in the keyboard)
– Lock screen seems a little bit slower
– Apps are starting up slower like Facebook and Twitter

Get in the discussion here and ask your doubts.

Download :  S8500XPKJ1 S8530XPKJ1

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10 Responses to “Latest bada 2 firmware Online-S8500/S8530-XPKJ1”

  1. akisa says:

    what languages support this firmware………

  2. heljae says:

    Pass za S8530XPKJ1

  3. gsgoldy11 says:* file in not extracting… telling the wrong password for this???????? other files are openned by “”.. whats about that unextracted file???

    • devo121 says:

      @gsgoldy11, It is not the wrong password.. The same thing happened to me, all you have to do is download the firmware again and then extract. (The file did not download properly, even though it says possible wrong password) It worked for me and I hope it works for you too.

  4. siddharthlife says:

    any news about the official release of Bada 1.2 for wave 2 ?

  5. himanshuthadeshwar says:

    Is bada 2.0 for india

  6. nhyt69 says:

    plz give me a password… :(

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