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No Bada 2.0 for Wave 525 and 533!

Some bad news for Samsung Wave 525 and 533 owners. A little while back Samsung had announced that all its Wave devices running bada OS will be updated to bada 2.0 OS. But in a recent email sent to bada developers, Samsung has said that now Wave devices will be divided into two groups; ‘Wave […]

bada 1.2 will be available for Wave 525 & 533

Samsung has posted that bada 1.2 will be available for the Wave 525 and 533. The news came from a Facebook discussion on Russia’s Samsung Mobile site. According to the Samsung┬árepresentative, the update will probably come around February if nothing unforeseen goes wrong. Discuss the latest on the updates in our official thread! Source: badablog […]

Samsung Wave 533 Review

Want Bada and a physical keyboard but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Then the Wave 533 might be for you! The Wave 533 is your typical low to mid-range Bada powered device but it has some pretty cool features that can be found on the high-end devices. This looks like a good […]

Wave 2 & Wave 2 Pro get a number change to avoid confusion

Samsung today announced some changes to the Bada lineup. Samsung says that the┬áSamsung Wave 2 is now the Samsung Wave525 and the┬áSamsung Wave 2 Pro, which adds aQWERTY keyboard, is now the Samsung Wave533. This was done to avoid number duplication and confusion between the Samsung Wave II (succeessor to the original Wave) and the […]