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No Bada 2.0 for Wave 525 and 533!

Some bad news for Samsung Wave 525 and 533 owners. A little while back Samsung had announced that all its Wave devices running bada OS will be updated to bada 2.0 OS. But in a recent email sent to bada developers, Samsung has said that now Wave devices will be divided into two groups; ‘Wave [...]

bada 1.2 will be available for Wave 525 & 533

Samsung has posted that bada 1.2 will be available for the Wave 525 and 533. The news came from a Facebook discussion on Russia’s Samsung Mobile site. According to the Samsung representative, the update will probably come around February if nothing unforeseen goes wrong. Discuss the latest on the updates in our official thread! Source: badablog [...]

Samsung Wave 533 Review

Want Bada and a physical keyboard but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Then the Wave 533 might be for you! The Wave 533 is your typical low to mid-range Bada powered device but it has some pretty cool features that can be found on the high-end devices. This looks like a good [...]

Wave 2 & Wave 2 Pro get a number change to avoid confusion

Samsung today announced some changes to the Bada lineup. Samsung says that the Samsung Wave 2 is now the Samsung Wave525 and the Samsung Wave 2 Pro, which adds aQWERTY keyboard, is now the Samsung Wave533. This was done to avoid number duplication and confusion between the Samsung Wave II (succeessor to the original Wave) and the [...]