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Need for Speed- Hot Pursuit now available for Wave 1 and 2

Good news for all Wave 1 and 2 users.Need for Speed is back in Bada and this time with new version. Need for Speed- Hot Pursuit game is now available in Samsung Apps store for Samsung Wave 1/2. As you all know,This game was previously released for all Hero waves but supported only Wave 3 [...]

Jamie Oliver and Victoria Pendleton launch Samsung Hope Relay app

According to Pocketlint, Samsung and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver along with British Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton have joined forces to launch the Samsung Hope Relay app for the Samsung Wave handsets along with iOS and Android. The app is free to download and uses the GPS in a smartphone to register how far you [...]

Opera Mini now available for Bada 2.0 devices

Good news for all wavers…The most awaited browser “Opera Mini” is now available for all Bada 2.0 users. Opera mini is currently available as a Free and you can download Opera mini from following links provided you have Bada 2.0 on your Wave. Wave 1,2,3 -  Samsung Apps link Wave Y,M   - Samsung Apps link [...]

Navmii India Navigation-Coming Soon

Bada has very limited number of Navigation application in Samsung app store and most of those Applications are not very useful for Navigation purpose. So, I decided to ask “Navmii” whether they are interested in creating Navigation application for Bada –India. As you all know, Navmii/Navfree navigation application is already available for Bada but for [...]