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Samsung Wave Y LaFleur Edition

It seemed that Samsung has forgotten all about its LaFleur lineup of female-targeted phones, but as it turns out they were simply flying under the radar. We just stumbled upon a LaFleur edition of the Samsung Wave Y that is already on sale, but we have never seen before. The Samsung Wave Y S5380 LaFleur [...]

Samsung Wave II Unboxing and Review

Forum member and donor HMundane has done a great unboxing and review of the Samsung Wave II and I felt like I would share it with you all if you had not yet seen it posted on our forums. To comment on the video, please visit the thread here! Samsung Wave II Unboxing [youtube]oVNfQzjoziI[/youtube] Samsung [...]

Samsung Wave 525, 533, and 723 Review and Comparison

Here is a very nice review and comparison of the Samsung Wave 525, 533, and 723 by iGyaan.in. The video is about 15 minutes long and goes over pretty much everything you need to know about bada’s low and mid-range devices! [youtube]8xrQSjJ8Gm0[/youtube]

Samsung Wave 533 Review

Want Bada and a physical keyboard but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Then the Wave 533 might be for you! The Wave 533 is your typical low to mid-range Bada powered device but it has some pretty cool features that can be found on the high-end devices. This looks like a good [...]