Satellite Navigation software - Alternatives to Samsung Apps

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Satellite Navigation software - Alternatives to Samsung Apps

Postby josephobrien2000 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:10 pm

In the UK samsung apps store you can download and buy NDRIVE or Sygic Mobile Maps. In addition you can purchase a licence for Route 66. Prices vary, depends on what coverage you want and features. Mobile Maps is only £12 and is difficult to resist because that is cheaper than Route 66.
But do you have alternatives? Well the answer is yes - you have the following choices:

- Amazegps
- Wisepilot
- Wayfinder
- We-Travel

All are JAVA based, where you download the java file from your phone browser and the phone installs it for you, except for We-travel where you must manually install. Im preparing instructions on this.

Vist for more details. I used this for 2 months when it was totally free, but now you must pay an annual subscription of 26.99 euros. Its been a while since I last used it but the program was ok. I remember I couldn't get the postcode search to work properly and sound would just stop but I bet these have been fixed. It was easy to use (compatible with touchscreen) and layout was clear but maps were downloaded over internet as you drove which is inconvenient when you lose signal.
Download a demo and take a look. I dont think the demo will navigate, just let you use small elements like the map which may be useful as a freebie.

Now this was discovered by chance. See

Wow, straight away, very impressive. Everything just worked. Wonderful menu (quick and responsive), nice 3D when driving, proper postcode search and a feature where maps which can be dowloaded (no need for internet connection) although later on if you subscribe this is an optional extra. The cost was varied. 1 day = £1.50, 1 week = £3, 1 month = 6 euro and lifetime 60 euro. The looks pricey but includes european coverage, not just uk (countries like germany, france, poland, albania) You pay extras for things like premium navigation (speed limits and lane assitance - This is an extra 1.50 per day or 20 euro for life), lve traffic, spped cameras, Wcities and Mymaps )local storage of maps).
I enjoyed using wisepilot and miss my 5 day demo. Its linked to my phone via my number (you have to send and SMS to avtivate) so theres no way to get another demo. Im not paying £50 quid for it. This is overpriced in view of NDRIVE and Sygic being less than £20.

Stumbled upon this in one of those free java program websites.
See for more details. Visit on your phone to download. Now when you do this, it'll tell you that wayfinder is incompatiable with your handset (s8500). Its is, sort of. But you can choose an alternative model manually. I chose the Sony Ericsson C905 model (as this has internal GPS and touchscreen). And it worked fine - no glitches!
At first it looked odd - a bit squashed. Then I realised the virtual java keyboard was activated. In the Games and more menu, click the options menu at bottom of screen (...) and select Use virtual keypad. Then deselect the option from Wayfinder (no tick). Now when you run the program, it uses full screen and sits comfortably.
Wayfinder was like wisepilot. Quite well put together but not quite as slick. I didnt get to test it fully so give it a go and let us know what you think. I didnt note prices either.

This is a free program and as such should not be viewed as a commercial program. There used to be another free program, Nav4All, which I used but their subscription to the NavTeq mapping system was pulled so this cant be run now (see for the story). As far as I can see, We travel is now the only free turn by turn Sat nav software. Last year there was three (amaze, nav4all and wetravel).

You have to manually install WeTravel. Im writing instructions for this for the S8500 as a way of saying thank you to the Wetravel team. Those that are tech savvy will find it a breeze (downloading program files, menus, maps, and voices then then unzipping them to the right location on the s8500 memory card). Then running the jar file to install it into Games and More menu.
Visit ... e&Itemid=1

For the tech savvy who want to try it now, I have some brief toptips to get it looking right....
-turn off virtual keypad (as described above)
-for english, use femalenewsreader NOT homer simpson
-stick to 2D. 3D just doesnt look right sometimes
-Use windowed mode, not full screen
-manually set internal GPS
-be patient at first. WetTravel can instigate the internal GPS but it takes time, about 2 mins.
-under advanced screen details, choose Carbon0.9 menu (download it first, forget the others), leave skin and theme blank. If using 2D tick POI icons and names, show street names, show waypoint names, imperial units tick, touch screen tick, and supports overlay - tick. DO NOT tick SVG. Makes the screen refresh crawl. Screen orientation - sensor, although it only looks right in a clockwise rotation.
WATCH OUT - at the bottom right is a sneaky Factory reset button just below the scroll bar. Touch this and you're back to square one with your settings!

If you much about with skins and themes (not recommeded), youll struggle to turn them off without the virtual keypad!. Turn it back on to enable the arrow keys allowing you to change these settings back to default (non blank)

I like Wetravel. Its clunky and basic with no postcode search. But I love watching it having a go! it can search Ammenities and street names/cities without the need to use maps over GPRS/3G. You download the maps. But Ive just been horrified to see the link to the website that has the maps has gone down. Hopefully backup soon. Theyre open streetmaps so hopefully alternative downloads are available.

Wetravel is not 100% reliable either. I have a screenshot of it instructing me to go round the Birmingham Bordesley Circus roundabout (next to the Blues ground) the wrong way! Ha!

Shame I cant demo NDRIVE and mobile maps.

Route 66 looks nice and seems better integrated into the S8500 with a battery icon. But I just couldnt get the postcode search to work right.

When using Sat Nav in the car, I would recommend using the a USB cigarette lighter power adapter to allow the phone to run off the car battery. GPS + screen which needs to be on bright level 10, really drains the battery.

Happy Sat Naving!

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