Samsung Wave 575 OS Bada 1.1 vs Kies 2.0

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Samsung Wave 575 OS Bada 1.1 vs Kies 2.0

Postby sagece » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:41 pm

Hi all !

I am french and living in Indonesia.

The situation :
Bought a Samsung Wave 575 ((SW VER) S5753EDXJL1 (CSC VER) S575EOLBJJ5) 2 days ago, OS Bada 1.1 (I think old, no ?). I did install Kies 2.0.011014_49. My phone is recognized by Kies in three seconds, yeh !! :bow (because of Mobile Device Center 6.1 I installed, before was not recognized :)).

My problems :
- 1/Samsung Apps is working very well on the phone :wink BUT NOT ON KIES. Kies says that "this phone is not compatible with Samsung Apps".
- 2/Kies do not have any update for my firmware while my OS is 1.1... :o
- 3/I would like to try with older version of Kies, but I did'nt find anywhere... :cry:
- 4/I would like to find the way to put french language in my phone (important for friends and family do not understand nothing about english language) and AZERTY Keyboard (really important for me)

Considerations :
I know that I ask a lot of questions, but you are my rescue guys !!

Thanks by advance,


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