BADA 3.0 – The new dawn for Samsung?

Right so, Early last month it was revealed that Samsung is Indeed working on BADA 3.0 in what they term it as next gen of BADA. After reading the tweet from Justin Hong, Lots of people including me were disappointed and frustrated because they still have not pushed the update of BADA 2.0 to the users and they are already talking of BADA 3.0. But actually its a nice move by Samsung, May be they will unveil this OS at Mobile World Congress or possibly give more time in developing the OS and launch it at IFA next year.

The Cult of Personality: BADA

They started off by saying it is a OS for feature phones, Now with BADA 2.0, Samsung believes it has made its step forward with the OS and it is now in the league of biggies like Android and iOS.{All right I know many of you will be pissed off with this}. I gotta ask..Really..? Okay, Samsung BADA 2.0 actually got in few features like NFC along with few more upgrades. But is it enough..? Most of the features available in Samsung BADA 2.0 are long present in Android and with the recent introduction of iOS 5, iOS can also boast of easy notification bar and so on. And the Mango upgrade coming out for WP7 from Microsoft has lifted its OS in a massive scale. There seems to be too many players now and the field is so congested for Samsung now. They were talking of entering the US market and am sure BADA will do decently good as it has a OS which is similar to Android{That’s what US prefers right..? :p} but free from the deadly bugs and crashes. BADA can be termed as the free flowing Android.

But before Samsung can work on BADA 3.0, They surely have to sit down and analyze what they are doing..! The OS seems to be evolving, From feature phone OS to that of smart phone OS. This is really surprising as it is good for BADA users but samsung has to analyze what exactly are the target customers. WAVE III is a phone which looks solid in feel but the OS with the lack of apps and less features pulls the phone down. {Yeah its a smartphone OS. At least give us the apps if not the features}. The next logical step for Samsung is now to determine what standout feature its gonna add to the OS, Android and BADA looks like distant cousins iOS and Meego are not far behind. This is the area where Windows has an edge, They got in Live tiles which was refreshing. We gotta now ask, What is Samsung goona do..?

And lastly Samsung has to decide what exactly are the target customers, Wave I and Wave II were priced perfectly but I have a feeling Wave III for now is over-priced{ At least in India where its priced about Galaxy S}. If they are gonna make BADA even bigger,Then for sure it will be a smart phone OS but this means they will have to price its flagship phone packed with features at a premium price. And for this to happen, The OS should have ample apps and ample features. Else it will be a big flop for Samsung.

BADA 3.0:

Too early to even talk about it, With just one feature confirmed as of now, The Advanced Voice Recognition capability. We the users are in need of a refreshing look, The OS should have few standout features and should be more revolutionary kind of OS. The Apps should be plenty in number and most importantly the updates has to be given out to all the current gen Wave Phones and the roll out of updates should be faster

Need of Aggressiveness:

Samsung’s time has come. It now has to decide if it is Android or BADA. The Multiple OS strategy has to be dropped although in terms of revenue thats a big plus though. But if they are going to stick in with multiple OS strategy. BADA has to be pushed ahead. I know they have an equal strategy of launch. Right now Samsung say 33% of the phones launched are Windows Phone 7 and the other 33% are BADA and the remaining percentage belonging to Android. I understand this approach as it improves their revenue. But with around 8 phones of BADA currently in the market. The Developers will look at BADA as an last option. Even if the sales of Windows Phone 7 are lower then BADA. The developers looked at Windows Phone 7 as an option. I know Samsung is thinking of may be going open source but until then they have to atleast launch more phones and be in the news to catch the developers eyes. Samsung may not require the attention but for sure BADA users require the apps. One suggestion may be is to push the OS to economy phones like Corby,Star and Champ series which were more popular in developing countries like India. For sure BADA can run on these phones at least from what I hear BADA is not resource hungry. If the phone is not capable of running this OS then they have to make the BADA 3.0 to run on these phones.

At the end of the day, for BADA 3.0 to succeed they need more features and also they need a change in strategy.

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  1. Hiniberus says:

    I have a feeling that Bada is going to be and stay like the Linux on Samsung’s plate. The lack of marketing for it and just about everything that they haven’t done makes me think that what we paid for, is what shall doom us.

    I’m keeping my Wave 1 ’till it expires physically mind you. Not changing unless I have to, though I think they are trying to go the Apple route in terms of compatibility (New Software, Old phones) so they may be constrained by the 525 and 533 devices far as features go wishing to provide an experience for all as not to discriminate despite the performance differences.

    There’s also the fact that it’s only 2 years old, which, actually, is about half the iPhone’s age, maybe a bit more 4-5 years far as that goes. Samsung just need to pay more attention to it, also, I believe you may have gotten the idea that Bada was and is supposed to essentially be a mash-up of Android and iOS. So for putting effort into a niche software platform or into their own Touchwiz modification for Android, it’d take a slump in sales on the green bot to make them shift focus.

    Unless Microsoft ‘urge’ (read: Force) companies to pay more attention to them as well, they’ll look at obviously the cash cow.

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