Bada vs Android

Bada VS Android
Ok folks, here’s the deal, there are a lot of smartphone OS’s on the market these days and they all have a lot to offer but do it in very different ways. Today, I wanted to take a look at one of the most popular OS’s in Android by Google and also the “new kid” in Bada by Samsung. I will be doing my comparison in 3 areas: Customization & UI, Multimedia, and Apps & Development.

I also wanted to say that things like battery life comparisons, features, etc will not be included in this comparison since those are unique to each phone. This is strictly an opinion based comparison as well so lets get started!

1. Customization and Interface
If you are like me, then you like to customize your phone! No, I am not talking about arranging icons on a black screen. I am talking about widgets, icons, contacts, wallpaper, etc. Both the Android platform and Bada platform are very good as delivering a huge customizable interface for users. Bada is very flashy and utilizes Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. This allows for widgets like calendar, weather, and social networking to be right there in front of you. You can drag and drop things anywhere you like on your 3 home screens. For example, the home screen could have a clock and weather widget or maybe a daily briefing widget and another screen could be for music. It is up to you. One thing to note, Bada is in its early stages of life so there still are some bugs and the OS does need some polish here and there. However, Bada seems to take the best things from IOS (Apple), Android, and HTC Sense and put it all into one which is great.

The Android platform is very much the same as Bada. It offers widgets, icons, and contacts but it does so in a very bland way. You will still get 3 home screens by default but since it is open-source, phone makers can decide what they want to add to it (TouchWiz or Sense) or leave out. Android is very smooth and efficient but it still needs some polish.

Winner: Bada OS
Reason: Bada is customizable and takes the best of the best in terms of features and puts it on display in a very user friendly way without making it bland!

2. Multimedia
This is where Android lacks but not by much. The stock Android music player in my opinion is the worst music player found on any smartphone. It is ugly, very weird to use, and I have had problems with music tags being messed up by Android. The flip-side to this is again since Android is open-source, companies can do what they want with it. Some leave it stock while others like Samsung TouchWiz and HTC Sense make the experience 100x better! The video player on Android is not bad but not great either. It has limited features but honestly, as long as the video plays then its all good right? The big gripe is the YouTube client. Videos take forever to load even on wifi and the quality is not as good as it is on an iPhone or even a Palm Pre. Android has many options though in the Market to enhances your multimedia experience like different music players, internet radio like Pandora and RadioTime, and other video clients. Android provides a decent multimedia experience but leaves me wanting more.

Bada however, all I have to say is wow! The music player on the Wave is very easy, full of features, and just a great joy to use. The sound quality is great as well. The part of the multimedia experiences that seals the deal for me is viewing videos on a SuperAMOLED display. Videos look absolutely stunning…that is all I have to say about that really. What else can I say? Go view a video on a SuperAMOLED display and tell me what else there is to say except, WOW! Bada also offers apps in the app store to enhance your multimedia experience like Android.

Winner: Bada OS
Reason: Easy to use music player and SAMOLED screen for videos is out of this world. Simple as that!

3. Apps and Development
I almost do not think it is fair to do this as part of my review but since Apps are a big thing, I feel I should include it. Currently, Android has close to 200,000 apps in the market and some tech bloggers say it will surpass Apple by the end of the year. However, the Marketplace is very very unorganized and full of junk. This is a problem with open-source development and I think Google needs to go through the Marketplace and clean it up a bit. Android has the developers and the apps! Also, since Android is made by Google, it syncs very tightly with everything Google (Gmail, Docs, Talk, Calendar, etc) so that is huge plus.

Bada currently has 500 apps in the app store but the development interest for Bada is very very high which is a good thing. Bada is being developed by numerous developers around the world and Samsung has made sure that bada apps have quality! Samsung has also conducted bada developer days around the world so it will be quite interesting to see the OS grow!

Winner: Android
Reason: Close to 200,000 apps (130-150,000 not including junk) and the developer support is there big time. Bada is catching up but for now, if you want apps…go for the little green robot!


Winner: Bada OS!!
Bada has a motto which is, “Smartphones for everyone” and after seeing the ease of use, customization, multimedia features, and developer support…I have to say they are a strong competitor to Android and the other OS’s! Remember, Android started with one app and one phone not too long ago so give it a chance. Bada takes some features from all the popular OS’s and combines them into a feature packed and well designed package. Granted the OS still needs some polish, remember that it is version 1! Bada is here to stay and a great option for those who are just starting out on a smartphone or have been a power user for years. Bada is stable, fast, easy, stunning, and feature rich! The decision is still up to you so will you “catch the Wave” with Bada?? Or will you join the “Android Army”??

Written by Ruffy
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37 Responses to “Bada vs Android”

  1. anil Reddy says:

    samsung wave keep up the good job, i like the 3g models more importantly the price. i have always used motorala but now i am for sure gonna get wave 723.i was thinking of iphone or ipad2 cause they cost the same. but now its only gonna be wave 723.

    anil Reddy

  2. Raghu says:

    You make Open source sound like it is a real bad thing. I am an Open source developer and I really pity you to misunderstand the real importance and power of all software that is open source.

  3. Phoenix says:


    Is it possible to upgrade from Bada OS to Android Os(firmware)?

  4. vk1 says:

    Before I comment, I’d just like to say that I’m an android user. You may consider my comments as biased as you may, you are the judge.

    Ok now as many have already pointed out, the comparison here takes place between a phone and an OS. When comparing OSs the individual features of each phone should be left alone. I feel that, unfortunately, the comparison was quite biased (even if this is the Bada forum).
    For customization Android has many different home launchers, depending on the phone and it’s manafacturer.
    Multimedia: As the author says, the Samsung and HTC default media players are good.
    It’s hard to say whether Android is better or Bada, but it’s the apps and their development that would make all the difference…

  5. […] to the reviews I have read, Bada truly excels in multimedia! Kenneth Linn from Bada forums writes: ! The music player on the Wave is very easy, full of features, and just a great joy to use. The […]

  6. abhijitnet says:

    Winner: Bada OS!! Very funny…
    I have Wave 2, with BADA 2.01. The phone hardware is good, but the OS is extremely bad. I had 1.2 earlier, its equally bad.
    If you keep a few widgets, you will get “not enough memory” error, so you have to disable all widgets all the time.
    On Android you can bring almost 90% of the stuff to widget screen, in BADA only widgets can be brought on home screen.
    Multitasking only works with Default apps. Installed apps cannot multitask. Whats the use ?
    Making false statements is easy, but users will get frustrated and shout back. You better do some work on BADA, make it more usable remove the bugs, then compare with android.

  7. blabbala says:

    This seriously sounds like you’ve never used Android, and know very little about it.

    Or perhaps you were comparing Samsung’s newest Bada phone with a G1, or some such nonsense.

  8. AMora says:

    bada OS wins

  9. admin says:

    In terms of straight up features, looks, potential, and quality….yes it does! Now all we need are the apps!

  10. Rison simon says:

    Nice bada. I have done a similar post on my blog: Bada vs android showdown.

  11. devguy says:

    Seems a bit odd going on about SAMOLED screens being a win for bada in an artice prefaced with “things like battery life comparisons, features, etc will not be included in this comparison since those are unique to each phone.”

    (This is especially odd considering that the – Android based – Samsung Galaxy S range of phones have a bigger SAMOLED screen than the Wave.)

    Anyway the screen technology has nothing to do with the OS, and I’m guessing that if bada is intended to be for lower end handsets as well the OS will be released on phones with more basic screens in the future.

    It will be interesting to see how android advances in terms of your perceived blandness and bad media player (many people find that the numerous free 3rd party desktop apps and media players deal with this well – especially on the latest versions of android with media streaming, and going forward to v3.0 in Q4 2010 with a newly designed interface.

    It will also be interesting to see how bada captures developers’ interest – generally apps are considered to be essential to a platforms success. As a mobile app developer I am curious to find out more about what if offers, but I’m skeptical about the lack of telephony/messaging and multitasking API support for apps.

    My best guess is that bada will lose out to android in the high end device market but be more successful in lower end devices using non linux variants. Anyway I’m sure it will be a generally successful platform possibly in areas where Symbian is losing out.

    The post iPhone world is shaping up to be an interesting place.

  12. mark says:

    i cant believe that samsung wave is cheap…… samsung wave is bettter than the iphone 4 and google nexus without the apps,,, samsung wave only problems is low number of apps

  13. miko says:

    i thought bada OS was a crap i was wrong when i started using its app…my htc desire looks cheap

  14. Marcel says:

    I can’t find a good free bada app. Most didn’t work properly and ended up being trail version anyway. This in my opinion is a hugh drawback. even with the almost 1100 app it has now.

  15. Narayan says:

    hey guys wait…

    the comparison is between BADA Wave as a phone and Android as an OS.

    the grounds are wrong….there should be a proper OS to OS comparison

  16. Rap Na Veia says:

    I’ve just aquired a brand new Wave, i was worried about the Bada OS but so far it’s being greate, hope I don’t regrat

  17. Peter says:

    Very good comment! Thanks for that.

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