Samsung bada following proves the “little guy” still counts

Samsung has been in the news lately for all of the wrong reasons with there lawsuit against Apple. Sure there are mixed emotions when it comes to that lawsuit and the result that came from it will hurt the consumer. However, there seems to be a trend happening in the mobile industry lately and that is top-down development of hardware and software integration. If you are a loyal follower of this site then you have heard me mention it before. Honestly, I believe Samsung created bada not only to bring users a different choice but also to gain marketshare of the first-time smartphone buyers. While some may argue the success of this strategy I think it allowed Samsung to really get to know its audience on a more personal level. The bada following is not based around marketshare, numbers, specs, or dollar signs…it is about independence from the norm.

Some of you may wonder why I am writing this article but it has been weighing on my mind quite a bit since the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung started. Samsung is a major player in Android devices, Windows phone devices, and while it is a player in bada devices on a smaller scale…it offers a since of more personality and less of that corporate greed, numbers driven mentality which is welcome in today’s world. Samsung has proven that it can take an idea, mold it, spec it well OR spec it lightly, bring it to market, and it will still sell. With Android, I think everyone gets the feeling that Samsung takes an open OS and just pushes out device after device to bring up sales numbers. It is all about money. If you are a bada user then you have not seen a new phone in quite awhile however Samsung still supports it and has made a nice future for the OS by partnering with Tizen. Samsung knows its market well and while some may question the move of Samsung to still support a smaller scale OS…bada does keep gaining ground in its own target market which is important. A lot of people want a phone that works but also may have a few other smartphone features without feeling overwhelmed. That is exactly what bada delivers on. We live in a world dictated by corporate greed, specs pushed to the max, decisions based on dollar signs, and devices that seem cookie-cutter and not unique. The bada OS proves that the little guy still counts for something and that is something we should not lose focus over.

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