bada 2.0 to support ‘Smart Homescreens’ (live wallpaper)

A feature that bada users have been wanting for a long time is finally heading to the OS in version 2.0. It seems that the ‘Smart Homescreens’ Samsung has been mentioning will be like the Live Wallpapers found on the Android OS…in fact, that is probably exactly what it will be. This could be a very interesting thing for bada because as it stands right now on Android, live wallpaper is pretty much a gimmick. It looks cool at first but it does drain your battery and serves almost no purpose. Samsung can really turn some heads with their ‘Smart Wallpaper’ idea if they can breathe some functionality into the live wallpapers and give developers an open shot at using it in their apps. I am excited to see what Samsung has planned for their ‘Smart Homescreen’ feature but I am sure it will be a lot more useful than just a moving background!

Source: Samsung bada official Twitter page (Special thank you to bada italia for tweeting me the screenshot)

Samsung Apps seller office updated and simplified

Samsung recently unvieled a new and redesigned sellers office for Samsung Apps! The redesign was done to improve and simplify the process and distribution of apps to sellers. Some of the major changes you will see are:

  • Improved design that uses a smaller amount of text.
  • Better function of distributing coupons: sellers can give users up to 50 coupons for free installation of an application for promotional purposes.
  • A reduced number of steps of certification from six steps to only three.
  • Added section to describe changes in new versions of the application.
  • Improved content management with a new section called, “Total”, where you can see the sales statistics, status of applications sent to the certification, registration, etc.
  • An option for the user to e-mail the seller: the seller can now specify an additional address to which you will be receiving letters from users.


App Review: FaceCollageRD By Photorhino

Do you ever have tried to make an collage off all your friends? Like we all know, it takes a massive amount of time to re-size all the pictures of your friends and we aren’t even talking about lining them all up. So the guy at Photorhino made  an app which can do all of this in less then two minutes depending on the amount of pictures you want in the collage.

In the app you can choose the “form” of your grid for example: 4 x 3 or 3 x4. Also you can choose an background color if you don’t have enough pictures to fully fill the grid.

Pro’s :

  • Nice and simple UI
  • Fast speed
  • The use of the phone’s  face detection


  • If the face detection doesn’t work (Samsung’s fault) the picture won’t be implemented in the collage

You can download the app here …it costs only $3.00, 1.50 euro or £ 1.50. The developer also will let you try the demo version for free.

If some of you guys know some good apps I can feature next…you can always send them to me @


Use your Samsung Wave as a game controller or TV remote


Ever wanted to use your phone for something other than a smartphone? Well you can with these really cool apps.

BControl will let you use your Wave as a game controller of your choice. You have a few options to choose from including a steering wheel, mouse, keyboard, or traditional controller. The mouse and keyboard option in BControl will also work while using a computer normally…not just in a game.

The next application is VLC Remote. This app basically turns your phone into a universal remote for your TV or PC setup. You can fast forward, rewind, play, pause, and even browse all your media!

The last application is called AllShare which you should have on your Wave. This is a simple application that will let users stream media to and from your phone onto a TV or computer. This is very handy when you want to show off videos or photos you have taken with a group of people.

All of these apps can be found in Samsung Apps! Watch the video I posted above to see these applications in action!!