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Jamie Oliver and Victoria Pendleton launch Samsung Hope Relay app

According to Pocketlint, Samsung and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver along with British Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton have joined forces to launch the Samsung Hope Relay app for the Samsung Wave handsets along with iOS and Android. The app is free to download and uses the GPS in a smartphone to register how far you have travelled, posting the figure on Facebook or another social network (if required). Samsung, as a worldwide partner of the London 2012 Olympics, is committed to adding to  a pool of money that will be distributed to the London-based Kids Company.  The goal is to raise $1million in donations. Oliver says the initiative is a way of getting everybody around the UK involved in the Olympics. “It’s really important to get people to take part in the Olympic Games in some way,” Oliver said. The application is available NOW in Samsung Apps for the Wave, Wave II, and Wave 3.

Source: Pocketlint

Running Android Apps On Tizen (VIDEO)

Tizen is a brand new platform with a focus on HTML5, and just like any platform in its infancy, it has the challenge of getting developers on board. While, Intel and Samsung have been doing a lot, like giving all attendees of the Tizen conference a Tizen developer device (view video), there’s still a bit of work to do. Open Mobile’s ‘Application Compatibility Layer (ACL)’ lets you run Android apps on a Tizen device with 100% compatibility and with the same responsiveness as you would expect on a native Android device.

Check out the video here.

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Power App Race: Current Top 30, April 31 2012

Hi guys and gals we have all heard about the Power App Race held by Samsung to encourage developers to create apps for it’s new platform, bada 2.0. For the winning price of $100,000, Samsung attracted many developers, both experienced and amateurs; now it has been quite some time since the race began so the time has come to show you the current standings. Each of the first 10 apps which achieve 100,000 downloads will receive $100,000 cash prize and other exclusive marketing & promotion benefits. (Top 5 Games AND Top 5 Other). GOOD LUCK!

More For The Standings!

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Samsung’s First Tizen Device Prototype! (VIDEO)

Back in January, Samsung announced it was planning to merge its homegrown bada operating system with the open-source Tizen platform, which the Korean company has been developing with Intel. Four months later, we can take a peek at one of the first Tizen powered Samsung devices thanks to this leaked video walk-through.

The “barebones,” prototype handset in this clip, which is apparently being handed out to Tizen developers right now, is packing a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM processor and a 4.3-inch HD (1024 x 720) display.

The Tizen user interface, apps, and functions look a lot like a mash-up between bada and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on Android, presumably thanks to the Korean company’s heavy influence on the platform. All of the core applications are developed with HTML5, according to the video, and the device is designed to use just one physical home button — like the iPhone

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