Navmii India Navigation-Coming Soon

Bada has very limited number of Navigation application in Samsung app store and most of those Applications are not very useful for Navigation purpose. So, I decided to ask “Navmii” whether they are interested in creating Navigation application for Bada –India.

As you all know, Navmii/Navfree navigation application is already available for Bada but for few countries such as France, Switzerland, Spain etc. So, I asked them whether they have any plan for Navmii application for Indian Users and I got following Positive Response :-

So, according to their Response, Navmii application for India is in pipeline but they can’t provide Time-frame for the arrival of the Application. That means, we can expect Navmii application for Indian Wave users but, application release date (Time-frame) is not yet decided.

About Navmii

Professional GPS navigation software, with turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, auto-rerouting, live Google and Microsoft Bing Search, for your handheld device.No monthly fees or annual charges. Maps are stored on your device so you can navigate without a data connection – the perfect solution for traveling abroad.

An Industry First – Navmii has teamed up with map provider AND to provide you with full GPS navigation at the best price in the industry.

Special Camera FX: $1000 Contest Update

Some days ago I talked about the photography contest of free app Special FX Camera, HERE.Effects performed by Special FX Camera are not the same effects included in the built-in default camera. The application includes 40 distinct effects in total. VIEW ALL POST FOR ALL INFO!.

If we look at the last ranking published about bada 2.0 Power App Race, Special FX Camera is situated in 3rd place. According to that it looks like the promotion made by the contest is working.You can see all rules of the contest here.


Let’s remember a summary of the rules of the contest:

– Everybody can participate (but the developer).
– Participation is free.
– Entries must be photos taken with Special FX Camera.
– Up to three photos may be sent.
– All participant photos are displayed in the gallery.
– There will be 20 finalists chosen by an independent committee, who don’t know the owner of the photo nor what country it is from.
– Everybody will be able to vote for their favorite photos. Not only participants, but anyone who passes by the 20 photos gallery.
– The winner will be that with the most appealing and visually compelling special effect taken with any of the 40 effects implemented by Special FX Camera.

The winner will have a prize of 250$. If Special FX Camera is one of the first 5 applications to have 100.000 downloads, then the prize will be of $1.000.

Thus, all the odds are that finally the developer will have to pay $1.000. Good for the winner!

If you download for free Special FX Camera you can look at the link that appears at the help pages of the application with the gallery of the photos already in the contest.

There are no so many participants in the contest. So, if you are a photography aficionado or just want to send your photo you could be the fortunate winner of those juicy $1.000. Hurry up, since the Power App Race is finishing and it is likely that the application will not be free after that.

Don’t lose the chance to send your photos for the contest or simply for sharing. $1000 awaits for you!

We can see here a few beautiful samples of the photos in the gallery:

Simplify Your Life:Bestseller Utility and Productivity Apps now free in Bada

Samsung is giving some of the Bestselling Utility and Productivity Apps free as a Special Promotion.You can find these apps in Samsung apps store.

These apps includes most wanted app like “Picsel Smart Office” , Bada Global Developer Challenge winner app “CarCon”, Bada student developer challenge winner “Don’t be lazy”.

So, go ahead and get them soon as they are free for a limited period of time.

Some more information about free Bestseller Apps:-

Picsel Smart Office

Picsel Smart Office helps you edit and view your office documents on your phone or tablet. The rich features combine graphics and page styling for a faithful print-ready layout. Load email attachments, edit and send them back easily. Share files with Dropbox on your desktop and other computers. Create new documents from attractive templates. Edit text, colors, styling, and layout using the new tablet UI look. Cut and paste. Edits Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Views Adobe PDF documents and image files, plain text and other standard applications, without losing important content.

Schedule Planner PRO

Schedule Planner PRO app features a practical user interface that allows users to either create day plans from scratch or by editing pre-existing plans to save time. Creating new activities is always simple to do, requiring only a few sequential steps to complete. To ensure its viability, Schedule Planner allows users to edit and change the app’s settings task-by-task as well. Users can even create full event articles if they need to remember or describe the specifics of any given activity or time block at length for personal reference later. The world is busier than ever, take this opportunity to start optimizing your time and become more productive than ever before with Schedule Planner today!

Don’t be lazy

Don’t Be Lazy is an wicked alarm clock that requires the user to complete a series of simple mission stages before they can stop the alarm from beeping, thus preventing them from oversleeping. If the user quits the app before clearing all the stages, the alarm will go off again and again until clearing all missions.

So,get them soon and let us know which one you think is Best.You can discuss about these apps in our forum,enjoy.

Tizen Developer Conference Agenda

Tizen has published the schedule of events, including the full list of sessions for the Tizen Conference being held May 7-9 in San Francisco. They have talks planned on a wide variety of topics, including Tizen Architecture, Tizen WebAPIs, HTML5, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Tizen telephony, graphics, and much more. Be sure to register for the conference before they run out of space.

Tizen also wants to thank everyone for all the conference submissions. They received over 140 proposals and were able to accept 47 sessions into the program.

These submissions were reviewed by the program committee and placed into two main categories: Platform and Application. Tizen will have plenty of sessions for people developing applications and people interested in working on the Tizen platform, itself, to build devices running Tizen.

They will also have beginner and advanced tracks, intended to separate the more introductory-level topics from those targeted at a more advanced technical audience. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will find sessions that meet your needs.

Check out the agenda and register for the conference before space is filled!

Visit the conference page for more details on the event.