Power App Race: Current Top 30, March 31 2012

Hi guys and gals we have all heard about the Power App Race held by Samsung to encourage developers to create apps for it’s new platform, bada 2.0. For the winning price of $100,000, Samsung attracted many developers, both experienced and amateurs; now it has been quite some time since the race began so the time has come to show you the current standings. Each of the first 10 apps which achieve 100,000 downloads will receive $100,000 cash prize and other exclusive marketing & promotion benefits. (Top 5 Games AND Top 5 Other). GOOD LUCK!

1. TurboFly HD

2. Asphalt 6 HD

3. Control Tower FREE                                                GAME CATEGORY

4. Bubble Burst!

5. Bubble Burst! FREE

1. Flashlight bada 2.0

2. FunnyVoice

3. Special FX Camera                                                  OTHER CATEGORY

4. Drums HD

5. Television Lite


Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Samsung S8500 Wave!

Yes, You read it right! Now we have hope of getting an Android ICS port with the help of mikegapinski, a developer from XDA Developers.  He has already done many ports for some devices. He was introduced to this project by his Russian friends . Now the current state of the project is that, it can boot Android 4.0, a CyanogenMod 9.0 version and Touch Screen is also working. Surprisingly, the battery is also working now. He is reciving help from other devs from XDA Developers. Now the current state of the project is not even Alpha, so don’t expect a Download. But the development rate is great. The new dev claims that he would make sure that Samsung S8500 Wave gets a stable port via Twitter. Now just don’t get away with it. Only he and few others are working for the port, that means it will be slow and might get stopped also. As we all know how the Android froyo project ended abruptly , so take all this information with a pinch of salt and lets just hope for the best. Here are some proof of Android 4.0 running successfully on Samsung S8500 Wave,

[youtube_video id=”3iPLIO9BZmM”]

Official link at xda developers  and a news update thread at badaforums  are given below.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Xda Developers- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1541506&page=7

Badaforums- http://www.badaforums.net/forums/android-porting/android-ics-s8500-development-t6567.html

$1000 Special FX Camera Contest!

As part of the promotion of the free application Special FX Camera, the developer of the application has launched a photography contest with prize of up to $1.000.

The contest is very interesting because everyone can participate for free and submit their photos. There will be a final public voting where all the users can participate to choose the winner.

The link for instructions and procedure to send the entries can be seen at the application’s help pages.

Terms and conditions:

  • Everybody can participate in the contest, according to the rules described here. Staff of the application site cannot participate. Participation in the contest constitutes full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, this rules.
  • To enter the contest you have to submit a photograph taken with the application “Special FX Camera”. Each participant can submit a maximum of three photographs.
  • Entries must be taken with Special FX Camera and no editing or processing is allowed. Participants must include in the email message the name of the special effect used to take the picture.
  • Any of the 40 effects (image processing, filters and color gels) can be used.
  • The winner will receive the amount of 250$ (US$). This amount will be increased to 1.000$ (US$) if Special FX Camera is one of the first five applications with 100.000 downloads in bada 2.0. Any applicable taxes will be responsibility of the winner. If fees for the transfer or shipment of the money exist, the winner will assume such a fee.
  • No inappropriate, indecent or obscene photographs may be submitted. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that any images they submit have been taken with the permission of the subject and do not infringe the copyright of any third party or any laws.
  • Participants will be the owner of the intellectual property and rights of the photographs submitted. However, during the period of the contest, participants authorize the organization to publish the photographs for the contest promotion.
  • An independent committee will choose 20 photographs. These pictures will be published and there will be a public voting period of one week. The winner will be notified via email and will have to respond to accept the prize in one week. Otherwise, other winner will be chosen.
  • The contest will finish on 31st May 2012. No entries will be allowed after that date. The voting will start on 15th of June and one week after that date the winner will be announced.
  • The winning photograph will be that that is chosen to be the most appealing, original, visually attractive, eye-popping, jaw-dropping and heart-stopping special effect.


Some pictures already participating in the contest:

Tizen scored heavily in HTML5 Browser test

As we all know, Samsung is trying to merge Bada and Tizen for their new device range. Tizen platform is yet to appear on mobile handsets as project is still in beta. But, it is scoring excellent points in HTML5 test.

Tizen 1(as website says) scored 363 points which is excellent considering project is in still beta phase. Tizen beats most of the Operating system’s browsers like iOS 5 (305),MeeGo(271),Android 4.0(256) and even Bada 2.0(251).

Not even that, it also beats some multi-platform browsers such as Opera Mobile 12(354), Firefox Mobile 10(315). Only operating system browser that is closer to the Tizen is BlackBerry 10(361) which is still in beta phase.

Lets hope that one day we will see Tizen (Bada + Tizen) appearing on our waves. Till then, you can enjoy browsing on your Bada 2.0.