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S5750 Firmware

We have now started sharing firmware. We will start with the most recent and add them as they are released. Please be very careful when flashing your phone. We are not responsible for any damages that may occure. So proceed at your own risk. If something bad does happen, please feel free to make a post in the bada firmware section of our forum.  Special thanks to for their hard work!

Before your proceed please follow these steps:

  1. Check your current firmware version: *#1234#
  2. Make sure Simlock and Network lock is turned off: *#7465625#
  3. If your phone is locked please visit UnlockSamsung to unlock your phone.
  4. Download MultiLoader 5.64
  5. Find your country code



If you need help regarding firmware please view our s5750 firmware section of the forum

Europe Firmware

Bada CSC Date Download
S5750EXXKC2 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750E_Open_Europe_Common_OXA 2011 March DOWNLOAD
S5750EXXKC2 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750E_Open_France_XEF_HelloKitty 2011 March DOWNLOAD
S5750EXXKG2 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750E_Open_Europe_Common_BSE 2011 July DOWNLOAD

Asia Firmware

Asia Firmware Bada CSC Date Download
S5753EDXJK1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_Open_SEAsia_Common 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S5753EDXJK2 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_Open_SEAsia_Common 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S5753EDXJK3 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_Open_SEAsia_Common 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S5750EZHJK4 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750E_Open_Hongkong 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S5753EDDJK5 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_India_ODD 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S5750EZCJL1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750_ChinaOpen 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S5750EZNJL1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750_ChinaUnicom 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S5753EDXKC1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_Open_SEAsia_Common 2011 March DOWNLOAD
S5750EZTKC1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750E_Open_Taiwan 2011 March DOWNLOAD
S5753EDDKD1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_India_ODD 2011 April DOWNLOAD
S5753EDXKE1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5753E_Open_SEAsia_Common 2011 May DOWNLOAD
S5750EZNKE1 ## 1.1 CSC_S5750_ChinaUnicom 2011 May DOWNLOAD

Video Flashing Guide

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