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Samsung Announces 3 NEW Wave Smartphones!

Samsung has announced 3 new bada smartphones all running bada 2.0 ahead of the IFA show this week. First is the Samsung Wave 3 which is a very nicely spec’d phone with a 1.4 GHz processor and a SAMOLED display!! The Samsung M and Y Wave phones come in as mid-range and low-end devices but [...]

Check out the NEW badaforums Firmware page!!

We now have made the latest firmware for all models of the Wave series smartphones available to everyone! As of right now, we currently have firmware for European users but we will have Asia firmware coming soon! Also, if you need help check out the flashing guide by HMundane from our forums! We will add [...]


App of the Week is back! Taking Requests Now!

It has been awhile since I wrote an App of the Week article and to be honest, I felt like the feature was getting stale and needed some rethinking on my part. Since it is one of the most popular features here at badaforums, I thought it would be nice to re-start the feature and [...]

Introducing the Samsung Wave Ringtone Section

Who likes ringtones? We here at badaforums love ringtones (well except for this horrible excuse for a ringtone) and a few days ago, we launched the Samsung Wave ringtone section in our forums. This is a great place for anyone with a Wave (or any phone even) to upload and download different ringtones! Users can [...]