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App Of The Week:Remote Desktop (14/05/2011)

This week the app of the week is remote desktop. Just like last weeks app its made to remotely control something. But keep in mind remote desktop controls your complete pc. The app is simple to use cause to the amount of layouts you can choose from. One layout that only views the screen another with a partly screen keyboard. The app [...]


App Of The Week: Play tomo

This week i would like to” promote” play tomo a free game collection which is supposed to update every month. The collection is made out of a lot off puzzle,a sudoku game, a word puzzle game, bouncy and a snake game.  Overall its a good free game collection which also works without any internet connection [...]


App of the Week is back! Taking Requests Now!

It has been awhile since I wrote an App of the Week article and to be honest, I felt like the feature was getting stale and needed some rethinking on my part. Since it is one of the most popular features here at badaforums, I thought it would be nice to re-start the feature and [...]

App of the Week (11/22-11/29): AP Mobile

Welcome to this week’s “App of the Week“. Sorry for the delay, I had some computer trouble last night and was unable to get this article posted on Monday like normal. Anyways, better late than never right? This week, the honor goes to an app called “AP Mobile” by The Associated Press. If you want [...]