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Samsung vs Apple verdict may influence Google & Tizen

We all have heard about the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit, we all have heard the outcome, we also all know that Samsung is a multi-OS company. Now, what we do not know is how the verdict will influence projects with Android and also the Tizen project. The relationship with Google and Samsung has to be [...]

Samsung bada following proves the “little guy” still counts

Samsung has been in the news lately for all of the wrong reasons with there lawsuit against Apple. Sure there are mixed emotions when it comes to that lawsuit and the result that came from it will hurt the consumer. However, there seems to be a trend happening in the mobile industry lately and that [...]

Royalty Dispute between Samsung, Microsoft, & Android shifts focus to bada

Samsung apparently is starting to put less reliance on the Android platform and focus more on its own software, bada. According to an interview done with a Samsung executive, the company is developing a new version of the OS, as both Google and Samsung appear to be parting ways despite the success of the Galaxy [...]

Samsung is the worlds largest smartphone vendor

Samsung is set to report smartphone shipments of well over 20 million when it reports Q3 numbers next week, a tally that will establish it as the world’s largest smartphone vendor. The Wall Street Journal reports that the 20 million figure would top Apple’s latest quarterly iPhone sales of 17.1 million and Nokia’s 16.8 million [...]