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Information on bada 1.2 upgrade and bada 2.0 SDK

With all the talk of bada 2.0, a lot of people have forgotten about the official bada 1.2 upgrade that has taken forever to launch. Well according to the official Samsung bada twitter page (@samsungbada), bada 1.2 is available for upgrade in RUSSIA starting TODAY via Kies and will be everywhere by the end of […]

bada 1.2 will be available for Wave 525 & 533

Samsung has posted that bada 1.2 will be available for the Wave 525 and 533. The news came from a Facebook discussion on Russia’s Samsung Mobile site. According to the Samsung┬árepresentative, the update will probably come around February if nothing unforeseen goes wrong. Discuss the latest on the updates in our official thread! Source: badablog […]

bada 1.2 still coming to Wave S8500!

After the news that bada 2.0 would be soon arriving to our handsets in 2011, many people were asking me what happened to bada 1.2? According to Samsung bada’s official Twitter page, 1.2 will be coming early next year starting with European SIM free handsets! I know a lot of users have downloaded the leaked […]

“Guess The Date” Contest for Bada 1.2 on Wave S8500

With all the information, leaks of Bada 1.2 for the Wave S8500, and the news that an official release is coming soon…you can imagine the anticipation for an official release date. So I thought lets have a little fun and see if we can make this a contest. Sure enough, we have! The rules are […]