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Simplify Your Life:Bestseller Utility and Productivity Apps now free in Bada

Samsung is giving some of the Bestselling Utility and Productivity Apps free as a Special Promotion.You can find these apps in Samsung apps store. These apps includes most wanted app like “Picsel Smart Office” , Bada Global Developer Challenge winner app “CarCon”, Bada student developer challenge winner “Don’t be lazy”. So, go ahead and get [...]

New Bada APP- Movies TubeHD

YouTube client is very useful application to watch YouTube videos on your waves.  Bada users have YouTube Client installed on their waves.But,if you are looking for something else,this one is for you – Movies TubeHD Movies TubeHD is an app for all Movies lovers on YouTube. Features :- -  Movies TubeHD allows you to watch [...]

Samsung Apps – Do you know whats new?

Samsung has introduced its new app store on 19th september 2011, its old news but there are some special features this time samsung has introduced in the new version of samsung apps. Well, you will not be able to use this app store now, because samsung said that this will be made first available for [...]

3D Compass and GPS : Application Review

When you are lost in the jungles of Amazon, you know you are so screwed. There is no way you’re getting out without any help unless you are Bear Grylls. You have lost all the sense of direction. All the places you go will look just like the places you left. You end up going [...]