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Sfonge bada developer challenge information

Samsung and Sfonge have teamed up to launch a hugh bada developers event over the next few months. This competition is for developers living in the Middle East and North Africa. The grand prize winner will have an opportunity to attend Mobile World Congress in 2012 which will allow them to promote their application and [...]

Samsung Apps seller office updated and simplified

Samsung recently unvieled a new and redesigned sellers office for Samsung Apps! The redesign was done to improve and simplify the process and distribution of apps to sellers. Some of the major changes you will see are: Improved design that uses a smaller amount of text. Better function of distributing coupons: sellers can give users [...]

Next bada Plug and Play Mobile Meetup is April 21st

As it is usually held on the third Thursday of each month, this month’s Plug and Play Mobile Meetup for bada will be on the 21st of April at 6pm in Sunnyvale, CA. The content provided will vary and will be covering all aspects of the mobile ecosystem. The event includes a keynote, a lot [...]

2010 Mobile Developer Summit

Thanks to forum member, “Swagat” for posting this valuable information on the 2010 Mobile Developer Summit! 2010 is being heralded as the “Year of the Mobile Developer”, and what better way to celebrate than a dedicated summit for the Mobile Developer ecosystem. Mobile applications have become hugely popular with downloads predicted to reach 4 billion [...]