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Announcing CommentMe and RetweetMe contests! Get featured on Bada Forums

This is a cool post from Rison Simon of BadaVideos.com Get Featured on bada forums! Bada Forums is launching two new contests for its readers.  We have  been thinking about these contests for sometime. We want to give something back to our valued readers. That is when I thought to introduce these two contests. These [...]

Top 4 applications for Samsung Wave

This is a guset post from Rison Simon of BadaVideos.com What would you choose if you can only choose 4 applications for Samsung Wave? We have seen the immense success of Samsung Wave when 1 million Waves were sold. We have also witnessed the release of tons of bada apps through Samsung’s developer challenge. So [...]

Can you buy Samsung Wave in America?

This is a cool post from Rison Simon of BadaVideos.com One thing you notice while you look at the  recent twitter updates from our American friends is that there are no tweets on Samsung Wave. But amazingly there many tweets on Samsung Galaxy S, an android phone. So what is it with USA. Well, the [...]

Real Football 2010 – Prefect bada app for the World Cup season

Gooooal…!!!! As the Fifa World Cup 2010 marches to quarter finals, bada apps present Real Football 2010. It is the most prefect way to embrace the football spirit right on your hands. Build by gameloft, this is one of the best football games around. Best part of this is its FREE! All you need to [...]