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badaForums Widget 1.2

bada Forums Widget 1.2 Released!

We are proud to announce the latest release of the badaForums Widget 1.2. We have totally redesigned the user interface to give it a much sleeker look. We have optimized the code a little as well. And also added the function to auto refresh every X amount of minutes. We hope you enjoy our widget. [...]


The NEW badaforums!

As you can see, we have a new look and we hope you like it. The new look has many new features including “Featured Posts” which will include major news, site announcements, and press releases. We also have “Featured Video” on the right sidebar where every now and then we will post app trailors, unboxing/reviews, [...]

We want to hear from you!

Over the holiday break, Dane and I discussed ways to make badaforums better. Some of the ideas we had in the past like the mobile site and widget (and soon-to-be app) are finally taking shape. We have also continued to add things to the online store and tweak the homepage to give it more eye [...]

Happy Holidays from!

From all of us at, we wish all of our users a very happy holidays! Enjoy the season of giving and spending time with loved ones! We also want to thank you all for the continued support and loyalty you have given us over the past year. We cannot wait to see what the new [...]