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Sfonge bada developer challenge information

Samsung and Sfonge have teamed up to launch a hugh bada developers event over the next few months. This competition is for developers living in the Middle East and North Africa. The grand prize winner will have an opportunity to attend Mobile World Congress in 2012 which will allow them to promote their application and […]

Samsung TVCell

Win a Samsung Smart TV with Samsung Apps!

Here at badaforums, we are not just a site that deals only with bada smartphones. We are also now going to start covering Samsung’s Smart TV lineup since they do run Samsung Apps and is speculated to be a modified version of bada. To kick off our more in-depth coverage of Smart TV’s, we thought we […]

The “Race to 1000″ Contest!

We are announcing a new contest on badaforums today and that is the “Race to 1000″ contest. The badaforums Twitter account currently sits at 869 followers (as of May 30, 2011) and our goal is 1,000. All you have to do to win is be that 1000th follower. The winner will gain access to our […]

Best Homescreen Contest Winner!

We just recently held our first contest here on badaforums.  The Best Homescreen contest.  After many submissions we have declared the winner as AC47Dexter.  He submitted a great homescreen that really stood out amoung the rest.  His theme is very clean, very techy and super stylish.  His  homescreen was based off of the Technical Blue […]