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Tizen Developer Conference Agenda

Tizen has published the schedule of events, including the full list of sessions for the Tizen Conference being held May 7-9 in San Francisco. They have talks planned on a wide variety of topics, including Tizen Architecture, Tizen WebAPIs, HTML5, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Tizen telephony, graphics, and much more. Be sure to register for the conference before [...]

Second bada developer day confirmed for UK

Samsung has confirmed its second-ever UK Bada Developer Day, which takes place this Thursday (11/3) at OXO2, South Bank, London. ‘The event will look at how apps are changing consumer behaviour and future trends that will change the mobile market,’ says Samsung, ‘as well as demonstrations of the updated bada platform and latest bada 2.0 [...]


Download the OFFICIAL widget for FREE!

Today we would like to announce that now has an official widget for your Wave smartphone!! We have to give some major props to one of our mods, kingkij, for all the hard work and dedication it took to make a very nice looking widget for us. According to kingkij, This is my first [...]

Bada developing fundamentals, what every developer need to know

[youtube]QYUardaxDD4[/youtube] This is a guest post by Rison Simon from Bada supports a wide range of functionality in mobile phones through its apps. These apps are created by smart developers. Samsung had wide range of promotional offers for developers, including a developer challenge. The key factor that challenge was the price. Samsung has also [...]