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Why No New Bada 2.0 Roms?

Yesterday we received a letter from Samfirmware explaining why they won’t be releasing any new bada 2.0 roms prior to Samsungs official release.  We thought it would be appropriate to share this with our members.  I think this is a respectable thing for them to do and it I believe this may help keep the […]

The Bada 2.0 Betas, reviewed, explained and judged.

Hello all,

It’s been a while since my last post but here’s another one for you lot. (Also for anyone on any version of Bada should look at the bottom for the ‘Connection’ in case you have an issue with that on your phone.)

I’ve always enjoyed shifting about with betas, getting the 1.2 about 4 months before it was actually released in Europe for example was a really sweet deal for me, thus when I read that the 2.0 version was out and leaked, I couldn’t really do anything but try it on the spot. Now, most/all have an idea as to what it looks like considering all the talk that’s been going on and I would also add some images to make this pretty but I’ll explain why there aren’t further on.

Two NEW versions of bada 2.0.1 released TODAY!

Thanks to SamFirmware for the update and for the new firmwares. Everyone has been waiting for these and the day has finally come. These new ROMs have been tested and seem to work very well. – Wave Firmware: S8500XPKG6 (CSC = OSAKG6) (bada 2.0.1) is now online! Click here to download! (Pass: – Wave […]

Check out the NEW badaforums Firmware page!!

We now have made the latest firmware for all models of the Wave series smartphones available to everyone! As of right now, we currently have firmware for European users but we will have Asia firmware coming soon! Also, if you need help check out the flashing guide by HMundane from our forums! We will add […]