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Is bada 2.0 going to push bada into the big leagues?

As we head towards Mobile World Congress and talks around the tech industry heat up as to what will be shown, little has been said about the next release of Samsung’s own smartphone platform – bada. The bada platform was announced at last years MWC event and since then has taken off into a big success […]

App of the Week (11/22-11/29): AP Mobile

Welcome to this week’s “App of the Week“. Sorry for the delay, I had some computer trouble last night and was unable to get this article posted on Monday like normal. Anyways, better late than never right? This week, the honor goes to an app called “AP Mobile” by The Associated Press. If you want […]

bada Developer Day in Seoul!

Are you a bada developer? If you are, listen up! As we all know, bada will be celebrating its first anniversary and what better way than to celebrate it is Seoul among some of the best bada developers around. Seoul will host the bada Developer Day on December 8, 2010 at the EL Tower, Grace […]

Samsung releases bada SDK 1.2.0b1

Thanks to kingkij for the tip, It seems as if Samsung has released bada SDK 1.2.0b1 to the world and it is full of new features that will be very useful for developers. They are as follows: Web app model and Flash app model 1. HTML/JavaScript or Flash SWF can be native apps without C++ […]