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Samsung Announces 3 NEW Wave Smartphones!

Samsung has announced 3 new bada smartphones all running bada 2.0 ahead of the IFA show this week. First is the Samsung Wave 3 which is a very nicely spec’d phone with a 1.4 GHz processor and a SAMOLED display!! The Samsung M and Y Wave phones come in as mid-range and low-end devices but […]

bada 2.0 is 95% complete!

It seems like Samsung is nearing completion of bada 2.0. According to this image found in our forums and on, bada 2.0 is 95% done. This means that the official release of the OS is on pace for the time frame Samsung had originally set. The roll out of bada 2.0 will not happen […]


bada 2.0 to launch officially in September

While we have been hearing many different reports surrounding the launch of bada 2.0, including one in July, it appears that it will be launching officially in September and this is according to the OFFICIAL bada twitter page @samsungbada. If you have the original Wave S8500, Wave II S8530, or the Wave 723, you can […]

Samsung India: “bada 2.0 to arrive around July”

According to the R&D head at Samsung India, Samsun is to release bada 2.0 “around July of this year”. This is great news for those wondering what has happened to the OS since it was unveild at MWC a few months back. They also went on to discuss the future plans for bada a bit […]