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Running Android Apps On Tizen (VIDEO)

Tizen is a brand new platform with a focus on HTML5, and just like any platform in its infancy, it has the challenge of getting developers on board. While, Intel and Samsung have been doing a lot, like giving all attendees of the Tizen conference a Tizen developer device (view video), there’s still a bit of [...]

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Dead at 56

Sure, I know that this is a Samsung bada blog…I also know that Samsung and Apple sometimes dont always see eye-to-eye about things but no one can doubt the impact this man had on technology and more specifically, the mobile phone industry. Steve Jobs was a fighter, a pioneer, and a great person. I do [...]

Samsung considering bada for tablets but sticking with Android for now

The tablet wars are hotter than ever right now and with Samsung currently working on many tablets to be released in the near future, they all run Android instead of bada which is sort of strange. Recently, Wall Street Journal spoke with Samsung’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, Younghee Lee about this and [...]

bada 1.2 still coming to Wave S8500!

After the news that bada 2.0 would be soon arriving to our handsets in 2011, many people were asking me what happened to bada 1.2? According to Samsung bada’s official Twitter page, 1.2 will be coming early next year starting with European SIM free handsets! I know a lot of users have downloaded the leaked [...]