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Is Weatherbug the best weather app for bada?

[youtube]FGL3TAy756w[/youtube] This is a guest post from Rison Simon of Cloud Blogging Reviews. WeatherBug app is one of the best app for determining weather. Bada users can easily access weather information from over 45,000 locations worldwide for current conditions. What is interesting about WeatherBug is that we can view details of seven-day forecasts and a […]

Bada developing fundamentals, what every developer need to know

[youtube]QYUardaxDD4[/youtube] This is a guest post by Rison Simon from Bada supports a wide range of functionality in mobile phones through its apps. These apps are created by smart developers. Samsung had wide range of promotional offers for developers, including a developer challenge. The key factor that challenge was the price. Samsung has also […]

Bruce Lee Game – A game for action freaks!

[youtube]JRJ4icDeTsg[/youtube] This is a guest post from Rison Simon from Bruce Lee dragon app is not just for Bruce Lee fans. Its for any action freak! This app just possess us in its world. Don’t miss it! Read to find more reviews and videos of bada applications.

How to set up internet on Samsung Wave

[youtube]OQJuncb4RUI[/youtube] This is a guest post from Rison Simon from It may be a little late. But little late than never! This video explains how you can set up internet on your Samsung Wave. This post is dedicated to all newbies. You can visit for more Samsung Wave tutorials and videos. When you […]