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Is Weatherbug the best weather app for bada?

[youtube]FGL3TAy756w[/youtube] This is a guest post from Rison Simon of Cloud Blogging Reviews. WeatherBug app is one of the best app for determining weather. Bada users can easily access weather information from over 45,000 locations worldwide for current conditions. What is interesting about WeatherBug is that we can view details of seven-day forecasts and a [...]

Hidden functions in Samsung Wave! Must Watch

[youtube]8SP6IE4IhtA[/youtube] This is a cool post from Rison Simon of BadaVideos.com Ever wanted to see want secrets your Wave holds? Well this video shows the secrets in your own Samsung Wave. Don’t forget to add your own secret findings in comments! Bada Videos is the ultimate resource for finding bada tutorials, bada news, bada application [...]

Samsung Wave Hidden Tricks and Secrets

This is a guest post by Rison Simon from Badavideos.com So you have used your brand new Samsung Wave for some time now. You are beginning to think if there is anything more to this phone. You try every setting you see if you can tweak it even better. But sometimes there is more than [...]

Nokia X6 or Samsung Wave : Compared

This is a cool post from Rison Simon of BadaVideos.com The market of smartphones is more active than ever and terminals as the protagonists of to this demonstrate it article. As our companions of MuyComputer tell us after the revolution that supposed iPhone, the majority of manufacturing already has several telephones with touch screen and [...]