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“Simply Weather” and “BBC” Widgets

‘lo and behold, another review! Hey guys, just wanted to go over these two widgets that I believe, are useful on a daily basis. If you like the news (BBC to be exact) and knowing what the local / 5 day predicted forecast is just so you don’t wear jeans on a boiling day just […]

Samsung Wave II Unboxing and Review

Forum member and donor HMundane has done a great unboxing and review of the Samsung Wave II and I felt like I would share it with you all if you had not yet seen it posted on our forums. To comment on the video, please visit the thread here! Samsung Wave II Unboxing [youtube]oVNfQzjoziI[/youtube] Samsung […]

Official Samsung Wave series site updated!

I am not sure exactly when this happened but the official page of the Wave series smartphones has been updated to include the Wave II along with dedicated pages for the Wave 723 and Wave 523. The Wave II site shows off the new features of the Wave II and features the hands-on video that was […]

Samsung Wave II to come in FOUR different colors

The Samsung Wave II will be arriving soon and will launch in four different colors! They are: Grey, Pink, White, and Black! More choice means more happy buyers! Check out the images below! Grey Pink White Black There you have it everyone…4 colors for the new Wave II and dont forget to check out the […]