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Mr Blu Released for Samsung Wave!

Midpoint Games, the maker of Red Card Rampage has now release this very simple yet addictive game in which you have to use your phone accelerometer to save Mr. Blu from saws falling from the sky. Tilt your phone left or right to avoid these killer objects and see how long you can last and then [...]

Skype for Samsung Wave shows up on ebay?!

I am sorry if I got anyones hopes up about possibly having an official Skype client for Bada. However, I did find something funny today as I was searching the interwebs. It seems as if some genius has decided to “sell” the non-existent IM client for Bada on eBay (as shown above)! This is the [...]

Badaforums Weekly Roundup (10/17-10/23)!

The “weekly roundup” is where we take some of the weeks best articles and some of the forum topics that were the most popular, helpful, or unique for the previous week and do a little summary of everything on the homepage that will help guide more people to that particular topic. We hope you like [...]

Samsung Wave wins Mobile Choice Award for social networking

We are proud to announced that Mobile Choice has given the award for best social networking handset to the Samsung Wave! It is no secret that our generation is going to be known for social networking. There are all kinds of sites that let you connect with friends, find people who share your interests, and [...]