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bada 2.0.0b1 SDK Information

Samsung has announced the release of bada SDK 2.0.0b1 which is currently in a closed beta program. According to Samsung, “Samsung bada 2.0 is a new and improved version and a major milestone in realizing the vision of a ‘Smartphone for Everyone’. This is good news because it means a final SDK is right around [...]

Samsung holding bada code camps in US

Samsung has been holding bada code camps all around the US this week with the final two stops in Atlanta and Austin. The camp is a great way for developers to learn more about the OS. The camps feature a full day of interactive sessions covering everything from the basics of the bada platform to deployment [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Samsung Officially Launches Theme Support Services

A few days ago, we received an email from the Marketing manager at Samsung Korea, Hongik Kim asking us if we could announce a press release for them regarding themes for the Samsung Wave. We of course said yes and today we are proud to announce on Samsung’s behalf, that theme support services have officially launched! Here [...]

How To Win Bada Developer Challenge

A guest post written by Rison Simon. I won the bada developer challenge! Well not yet! This is the reaction I want from you after the bada developer challenge ends. Some say its impossible, but if you really want to win  this challenge you will win. But to win the bada developer challenge you will [...]