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Samsung Plans Video Chat For ChatOn

Samsung’s ChatOn messaging app is already available across multiple platforms, but it faces stiff competition from similar services such as Kakao Talk, which remains hugely popular in its native South Korea. Samsung could be stepping up its game in this space, however — according to DDaily, the company is developing a video chat service that […]

Samsung’s First Tizen Device Prototype! (VIDEO)

Back in January, Samsung announced it was planning to merge its homegrown bada operating system with the open-source Tizen platform, which the Korean company has been developing with Intel. Four months later, we can take a peek at one of the first Tizen powered Samsung devices thanks to this leaked video walk-through. The “barebones,” prototype […]

Quick Tip: How to edit video on you Wave Smartphone

The Samsung Wave has a video editing feature that not many people are aware of. In-fact, it is almost hidden. I have included some more information about this and how to find this very cool feature on your Wave below: Perhaps not everyone knows that hidden in the maze of options exists in our Wave Editor […]

Concept Video: The New TouchWiz

Check out this cool concept video of the next version of TouchWiz. This was sent to me via Twitter and I thought it would be cool to share with everyone. Yes it is running ontop of Android (from the looks of it at least) but I figured I still would share it with everyone. Remember, […]