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Bada 2.0 vs. Android 4.0.3 (ICS)

Ever wondered how the latest bada OS will go up against the latest Android? Well then this is gonna be a treat for you. Most famous bada and Wave series YouTuber, HMundane, has done a very in-depth comparison of both the operating systems. Shoot-out Bada 2.0 vs Android 4.0.3 Samsung Wave 3 vs Samsung Galaxy [...]

TomTom Signs Strategic Deal with Samsung

TomTom has signed a strategic deal with Samsung whereby TomTom maps and location content will power the Wave3 smartphone. TomTom will provide information to support daily location needs of Wave3 users, from navigation to search and find. ‘Signing the deal with Samsung highlights TomTom’s ability to deliver the map and enhanced content needed to enable [...]

Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Released

Today Samsung announced that its new bada flagship, the S8600 Wave 3 is hitting the shelves around the world. The smartphone, which was announced at the end of August is making its market debut just in time for the holiday shopping spree. Samsung didn’t quote the price of the Wave 3, but a quick search [...]

Wave 3 Official Live Demo

This video provides a detailed demonstration of the key features of the Samsung Wave 3, which includes a premium metal design, enhanced bada 2.0 UX, integrated apps and services, expressional messenger ChatON and powerful performance. [youtube]534K7AxMN8E[/youtube] For more information, visit