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S8530XPKH1 and S8500KG7 ROMs(Mid August) - Bada 2.0 - Page 8 2011-08-10 02-40-34

Samfirmware on the verge of releasing new bada 2.0 roms

According to our partner Samfirmware, they have managed to get hold of new ROMS of Bada 2.0 for both S8500 and S8530. They only ask for more downloads of their latest ROMS S8530XPKH1 and S8500XPKG7. They need 2500+ for Wave I and 1000+ for Wave II. So get downloading Wavers!! Discuss in our forum Firmwares: […]

Images of bada 2.0.1 leaked!

It seems like the first images of what appears to be bada 2.0.1 are making the rounds on the internet. We cannot promise these images are 100% accurate…whatever it is seems to be running on a Wave II S8530! If this indeed is bada 2.0, I like what I see…the interface seems cleaner, more customizable, […]


bada 2.0 to launch officially in September

While we have been hearing many different reports surrounding the launch of bada 2.0, including one in July, it appears that it will be launching officially in September and this is according to the OFFICIAL bada twitter page @samsungbada. If you have the original Wave S8500, Wave II S8530, or the Wave 723, you can […]


Is bada 2.0 going to push bada into the big leagues?

As we head towards Mobile World Congress and talks around the tech industry heat up as to what will be shown, little has been said about the next release of Samsung’s own smartphone platform – bada. The bada platform was announced at last years MWC event and since then has taken off into a big success […]