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Android 4.0 Nightly Version released for Public

As you all might already know a developer called Mike Gapinski recently joined the badadroid project. He cooked the Android 4.0 from AOSP and released a Developer Version few weeks ago. In the Developer Version, Only basic process like Booting and Launchers were working. But few days ago, the developer announced a Public Release which [...]

Android ICS 4 on Samsung Wave 1(ROM released)

Well,  a xda developer name Mike Gapinski has released android ics 4 rom for sansung wave GT-s8500. The above video is posted by our forum member adi4u488.

Jamie Oliver and Victoria Pendleton launch Samsung Hope Relay app

According to Pocketlint, Samsung and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver along with British Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton have joined forces to launch the Samsung Hope Relay app for the Samsung Wave handsets along with iOS and Android. The app is free to download and uses the GPS in a smartphone to register how far you [...]

Featured App: RingtonePro

Do you ever want to have your favorite song playing when someone calling you? The main problem is that all songs are composed with intro and for ringtone this intro is in most cases too long. Wouldn’t be nice to just cut out the verse of song and set that as ringtone? Now you can [...]