Quick Tips: Google Sync for bada

If you are a Google user (and chances are…you are) then this might be of interest to you. As you know, when you purchase a new device you need to set up your accounts and put all your contacts and calendar events back in and it can be a pain to do it manually. Thankfully, Google has a solution called ‘Google Sync’ and while bada OS is not yet officially supported by ‘Google Sync’ (yet), there are other ways to do it! Now, I know this might be old news to some people but with the holidays just around the corner, that means there will be a lot of new bada users so this is for anyone who has yet to figure it out!

The process used a Samsung Wave but the same method probably works for all bada phones. Here is how to do it:

  • Begin by pressing the home button that will take you to phone’s main menu
  • Go to the Email option and select Exchange ActiveSync (for new account)
  • Enter your email address, username, password, but leave the domain name empty. Press Next
  • The phone will go into checking and verifying mode after which it will ask for the server url, type in m.google.com and opt for SSL
  • Select contact and task sync
  • The phone will now start syncing your data instantly. The process will not take more than a few minutes depending of course, on just how many contacts and tasks you have on your Gmail Contacts and Calendar

That’s it. You now have all your Gmail contacts on your Bada OS device. Simple, isn’t it? Let us know if it works for you or if we have missed something!

Source: OnlyGizmos

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10 Responses to “Quick Tips: Google Sync for bada”

  1. Naca-Yoda says:

    I’m stuck on Bada 1.0 (JF2) and this system described above does not work.
    Cannot leave the Server URL empty. Using m.google.com fails.

  2. terje amundsen says:

    Worked fine on my S8500. Thanx!!!!

  3. bendeman says:

    So does the sync work only for contacts and tasks? Or only contacts and calendar? or all 3 of them? And have there been any improvement regarding compatibility with Google services in bada 1.2?

  4. studiodog says:

    Same for me (Canada, Bell Mobility Wave. Phone is on Bada 1.0 (not upgradable through Kies). Above directions do not work here. :((

  5. Marius says:

    It worked Kenneth Linn. Although with some errors in the first tries.

    I’m a google apps user.

    Many thanks! Happy Holidays!

  6. scott says:

    doesn’t work for me on Samsung Wave 2 S8530. :(

  7. sanjith says:

    its sync with gmail account, but i have a problem of telephone nos. saved in the phone is not getting it on the google contact list. From the phone contacts it uploads only the email details and other information.

  8. alexgti says:

    thank you very much!!!
    worked like a charm on my s8530

  9. Homenh says:

    Thanks for this useful info. I tried but it doesn’t work on my Samsung Wave575 running Bada.

    I hope this issue can be solved soon.

  10. chongboy says:

    Thanks so much! So easy when you know how lol
    Worked for me using Wave II 8530 getting my contacts after my Galaxy S2 died the other day.
    Even updated the contacs pictures!

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