Emerging Technology

The Power of Wireless IP Security Cameras

CCTV has been the most popular security camera method for a long time. The invention of IP cameras is changing that.

Imagine, a camera that can accomplish all the same but also has higher quality of picture and a live, wireless connection to your computer, tablet, or any other device of your choosing. The camera doesn’t require a million different wires to be laced around the building in order for you to safely protect all of your belongings.

These cameras are so valuable that they are in high demand for a variety of different things.

Personal Homes

You may already have a security system at your house which alerts you if motion is detected outside of your home or unusually activity within. While these systems are brilliant, they can be perfected with the use of IP security cameras. Not only will you be alerted to suspicious activity around your home, you will have a direct link to every camera-view all around and within your home.

These cameras can save data for each day, giving you the chance to observe and identify any intruder, should one enter camera-view.


Businesses, small and large, are started to integrate these IP cameras into their security systems. The higher quality and ease of wireless use makes them far more viable for security purposes.

The more expensive versions of these cameras also come with their own inbuilt security. This extra security system is there to protect the camera from potential hacking.

Another feature that is being implemented these days is the addition of a back-up battery system. This is there to prevent the camera from being disabled along with the electricity. Basically, every break-in scene that you’ve observed in movies would fail against these bad-boys.

On top of all that, these cameras allow you to more easily identify a thief or intruder as the video quality is far superior to the older security cameras.

Uses for Police Investigation

IP security cameras can greatly assist the police with any investigation as well. Using their facial recognition system, the police can identify any registered offender from an IP security camera.

All it takes is a brief look with at least half the assailants face included and the software will be able to match them. Not only does this improve the police’s chance of catching the assailant, but it allows them to do so with any IP security camera, whether it is their own or a business’ camera.

These cameras are constantly being updated and upgraded in order to provide better and better protection for us all. One day they will be so well built that we can literally set them up throughout an entire city, keeping everyone safe.

The very fact that these cameras can help save lives and businesses makes them invaluable to humankind. Let’s continue to support the brilliant minds that build them!