Samsung Plans Video Chat For ChatOn

Samsung’s ChatOn messaging app is already available across multiple platforms, but it faces stiff competition from similar services such as Kakao Talk, which remains hugely popular in its native South Korea. Samsung could be stepping up its game in this space, however — according to DDaily, the company is developing a video chat service that will let you talk to your ChatOn contacts over 3G or 4G mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi. The video functionality is reportedly set to debut on Android first, but Samsung could subsequently bring it to other platforms.

While it wouldn’t be the first cross-platform 3G video chat service, with apps like Fring having provided similar functionality for years, it could make a splash even if restricted to Android. An anonymous Samsung employee told DDaily that “nothing has been decided” about the possibility of pre-installing ChatOn on the company’s smartphones.


Samsung Apps Recent Update

Samsung Apps allows you to simply and easily download an abundance of applications to your phone. Samsung Apps, the open market place that connects developers and buyers, has updated its app submission process, making uploading an app more convenient and efficient.

Samsung Apps has also expanded its global distribution coverage, increasing earning opportunities for developers worldwide. Check out the new app registration process below and share your work with Samsung Mobile users in 125 countries around the world.

1. Submitting an app to Samsung Apps will now generate a list of recommended compatible devices
– You don’t need to add apps one by one for each device/resolution any more.
Multiple devices from the recommendation list can be registered at any one time.
– Compatible OS: bada, Android
– Recommendations based on: Resolution, API Level, and other conditions for
additional device classification

2. Samsung Apps upgraded global coverage equals increased earning opportunities
– Samsung Apps coverage has expanded into 125 countries.
Newly added: Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia
– Paid app distribution now expanded (56 -> 64 countries)
Newly added: Belarus, Peru, Tunisia, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt
– For more information, please visit the Samsung Apps Overview.

3. New App Category
– We’ve added a ‘Sports’ category to Samsung Apps, to enhance the Samsung Mobile user
experience and allow developers to target sports fans around the world more effectively.

Featured App: Real Football 2012

Real Football is back for the new season and brings football on smartphones to a new era! With improved, smoother graphics plus 700 accurate motion-capture-based animations that adjust to players’ skills and position, this game pushes realism even further. Create and share content including custom team kits using a detailed editor. Ever wish you could control the outcome of a game you watched on TV? Now you can, thanks to Hypergame technology! With the press of a button, you can recreate any match-up from the in-game news feed and play! Only for bada 2.0.


Android 4.0 Nightly Version released for Public

As you all might already know a developer called Mike Gapinski recently joined the badadroid project.

He cooked the Android 4.0 from AOSP and released a Developer Version few weeks ago. In the Developer Version,

Only basic process like Booting and Launchers were working. But few days ago, the developer announced a Public Release which had most of the features working. There is a Detailed Chart of the features working in his site. In the current build of the Public Release,  Most of the features are working lag-less. There is a video which i made of the features which are working in this current build.


In this build, The available ram is 85 Mb and the allocated RAM is 200+ mb. Apps like FlipBoard are working flawlessly but when tried to install Opera Mini and Temple Run it failed as the SD Card drivers are still not completely fixed. So large HD games cannot be installed currently. And the internel memory i.e for installing apps is only 80+mb. Camera is working be pictures cannot be captured because it need a external memory.

Since the current build is installed in the moviNAND it causes lot of errors in bada.When booted bada after using Android it corrupted all the apps and games in Memory Card. And there is no fix for it. The Project is still not over, we should be expecting new features and fixes in the near future.

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