Hey there! I am David R. Brown, currently a student majoring in Science and Technology from North Carolina University. The Ba Da Forum blog is for those who are as interested in technology as I am, in hopes to find a career in this field . 🙂 I will be constantly uploading the latest and most up to date news regarding technology.

Anywhere in the world we have witnessed that technology are still booming every day. From time to time, there are new inventions and discoveries that our witty scientists are going to discover. New eureka and new ideas are always coming along the way. Technology had changed almost all aspects of the world. From the smallest things and up to the most complicated ones, technology was able to made changes on it. With these various changes, we can already answer on why also the world requires new workers who are capable of the new technology that are arising. Information technology is one of the most important and valuable career as of today’s generation and it is all because of the world’s evolution when it comes to its knowledge and inventions.