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It is not so simple these days to ask, ‘What’s your favourite PC?’ There are so many different forms of computer hardware these days and everyone has a different opinion on which is the best. Instead of asking that headache of a question, I’ve broken the topics into groups: tablets, PCs, and laptops.

In this short article, I’ll tell you the most popular of each type. When you finish reading, feel free to write down in the comments whether you agree with the supposed ‘best’ of each group. Let’s go!


Everyone knows that the Apple iPad was the very first in this genre of hardware. The invention of the Apple iPad sparked the beginning of the touchscreen craze as well as every inventor’s desire to create a portable computer-like device.

Laptops accomplished this in partiality, but the idea that one day you could carry around a device the size of your hand with the same capacity as a computer was ridiculous even twenty years ago!

The tending tablet device of today is the tablet PC. (So, it seems the inventors succeeded) Google worked exceptionally hard to build this phenomenal device. Not only does it function the same way a tablet does, but it can be folded into a laptop-like form and used for just about anything you could do with one.

The tablet PC is in no way perfect as it has many compatibility issues with other devices. In time these issues should get resolved and the device really will be a tiny PC!


PCs have been around longer than the other two genres. Even if the PC is the grandpa of computer hardware, it is in no way dying of old age.

The trendier PCs are moving in a similar direction to tablets. The idea of having a gigantic chassis with big, bulky parts is no longer what people endeavour to show off. These days, smaller is better.

There are a number of PCs that can be built and constructed in such small compartments these days is incredible. Who still remembers the big, fat chassis and monitor that would take up half your lounge? Apparently, that isn’t stylish anymore. Oh well.


The trendiest form of laptop these days is the ‘middle man’. What I mean by this is that the laptops selling out the fastest are those that are capable of doing everything. These laptops work great at home for gaming or work plus can be easily taken out of the house without much difficulty.

Originally, laptops were designed to be portable PCs with less power in order to work outside of the home. These days, laptops are portable yet still have plenty of power to do anything you like.

Your Thoughts?

Would you agree that these trends are the best that each genre has to offer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you disagree, let us know what kind of each you think is the best!