As abnormal as it may seem fats constitute also another family of nutrients our body demands. They exist in two forms, saturated and unsaturated ones. Saturated fats may put you at risks of chronic diseases. Unsaturated fats are healthy, but if they undergo some kinds of refinement, they may actually turn into saturated fats. weight loss exercise tips Healthy eating diets for weight loss Skinfold Measurement what is the best over the counter weight loss pill Amino acids are critical to normal, healthy living. Besides being the building blocks of protein, they serve our hormones and facilitate the transmission of chemical messages from our nerves. If a person does not receive enough of the right kind of protein from the diet, the body turns to its own muscle mass for the protein. So it must have amino acids to function properly. detox diet plan CMO Blake Mallen. side effects of weight loss pills Technology |

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Monetize your apps with Samsung adhub

Samsung keeps coming up with new ideas and incentives for developers to get in with bada and today they announced yet another initiative. Samsung AdHub was announced today as new way for bada developers to monetize their apps and get more exposure. With the introduction of AdHub, developers can have richer ads, ad creatives directly [...]

Bada beats Windows Phone in worldwide marketshare/sales

The worldwide marketshare numbers just released today put Samsung bada ahead of Windows Phone which is struggling to gain a solid foothold in the market (Shown below). The Lumia 900 is helping ease the pain some but according to the Gartner report below….bada is doing well internationally and in emerging markets. The report totals the [...]

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Dead at 56

Sure, I know that this is a Samsung bada blog…I also know that Samsung and Apple sometimes dont always see eye-to-eye about things but no one can doubt the impact this man had on technology and more specifically, the mobile phone industry. Steve Jobs was a fighter, a pioneer, and a great person. I do [...]

Very nice review of bada 2.0 by Miamra

Check out Miamra’s review of the leaked bada 2.0 firmware. [youtube]wS2r0JLvmZg[/youtube] **If the video does not play, click here to watch it via YouTube!